2014 - 2015 Bulldog Spotlight

2014 - 2015 School Year

Meet the Top Two of 2015
PCTI proudly introduces the top students of 2015: Aaron Varghese & Kevin Behnke!

May & June Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to PCTI’s May and June Athletes of the Month – Kevin Copper, Angel Rowe, Aaniyah Robinson, and Zaire Weaver!

May Student of the Month
Sarah Velez is a young woman of unparalleled focus whose eyes are set firmly on the future.

April Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to Cheyenne Allen and Troy Hartung on being selected as PCTI’s April Athletes of the Month!

April Student of the Month
Nicholas Magna is a young man whose strong work ethic influences every area of his life.

March Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to Zachary Polzer and Amirah Chaney on being named PCTI’s March Athletes of the Month!

March Student of the Month
Peter Kelly is a young man from North Haledon who has used his time at PCTI to expand his horizons in areas of leadership and activities.

February Athletes of the Month
Nicholas Legreaux, Symone Rodgers, and D’meriah Cuavers have been chosen as PCTI’s February Athletes of the Month!

February Student of the Month
Jovan Watlington is a Paterson local who openly embraces the power that comes with being different.

January Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to January’s Athletes of the Month, Cedileth Pacheco and Kevin Copper!

January Student of the Month
Shivani Topiwala is a bright young woman who prides herself on practicing self-motivation to achieve her dreams.

December Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to Anthony Rizzo and Alexes Washington for being selected as December’s Athletes of the Month!

December Student of the Month
Justin Winfrey is an intelligent individual dedicated to achieving each and every one of his dreams.

November Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to November’s Athletes of the Month, Jeremy Gray and Zaire Weaver!

November Student of the Month
Morgann Duncan is a dedicated young woman of the Academy of Criminal Justice/Public Safety, who has tested the waters of law enforcement, CSI, and forensics.

October Athletes of the Month
Congratulations to Sarah Shannon and Tarin Nelson for being selected as October’s Athletes of the Month!

October Student of the Month
Kelly Franco is an brilliant young woman whose journey for self-betterment has put her on the pathway to success.

September Athletes of the Month
September Athletes of the Month Anthony Moyano and Leoneiry Diaz were nominated for their outstanding accomplishments in the sports arena!

September Student of the Month
Charmi Rana is a Passaic local whose aptitude for volunteerism knows no bounds.