School Counseling

The school counselors at PCTVS are here to serve as advocates for the students and provide the vital link between the school, home, special services, and outside agencies. Through the School Counseling Department, students are provided with assistance and information related to course selections, college and career planning, and personal/social development.

See Guidance Counselor assignment by vocational area here.

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Request a Transcript

Please note: Requests should be submitted at least ten (10) school days prior to the deadline by which the transcript is required. The Transcript Release Form is available here.

Virtual College Tours

Virtual College Tours available here.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Help
HESAA Hotline: 609-584-4480 or 800-792-8670
Monday –Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 8am – 5pm


Jill Aboyoun
Medical Arts (A-Z)
Cosmetology (A-L)

(973) 389-4286
Nicole Christian
Construction Technology (M-Z)
Performing Arts (M-Z)

(973) 389-4149
Daniel Diaz
Finance (A-L)
Business (A-L)

(973) 585-2231
Jillian Diaz
Automotive Technology (A-L)
Applied Technology (A-L)
Communication Arts (A-L)

(973) 389-4220

Bertha Hannigan
Information Technology (A-Z)
Education & Human Services (M-Z)

(973) 389-4240
Debra Lewis
Information Technology (A-Z)
Education & Human Services (A-L)

(973) 389-7223
Mariann LoBue
Finance (M-Z)
Business (M-Z)

(973) 389-4238
Katrina Najem
Automotive Technology (M-Z)
Applied Technology (M-Z)
Communication Arts (M-Z)

(973) 389-4176

Miguel Orejas
Applied Engineering (A-Z)
(973) 389-4150
Stacey Pinto
Culinary Arts (A-L)
Service Careers (A-L)

(973) 389-4157
Alima Pudup
Construction Technology (A-L)
Performing Arts (A-L)

(973) 389-4237
Laura Vacca
Medical Arts (A-Z)
Cosmetology (M-Z)

(973) 389-4241

Rolando Watley
Culinary Arts (M-Z)
Service Careers (M-Z)

(973) 389-4233
Laura Bania
Grades 10-12
(973) 585-2224
Lauretta Cregar
Computer Science
Grades 9-12

(973) 389-7236
David Inigo
Grades 10-12

(973) 585-2234

Ines Drummond
Coordinator of School Counseling
STEM Admissions
Biomedical Grade 9
Engineering Grade 9
(973) 585-2229

Wellness Day