Passaic County Technical-Vocational Schools's curricula is moving to the Atlas curriculum management system. To access curriculum documents on Atlas, please use the link below and log in with your district username and password.

Language Arts Physical Education/Health World Languages
Mathematics Science Elective
BSI Social Studies Career & College Readiness

English Language Arts back to top

English I

English I Honors

English II

English II Honors

English III

English III Honors

English IV

English IV Honors

AP English Language and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition

Mathematics back to top

Adv. Topics in Math

Algebra Advanced

Algebra I

Algebra I Honors

Algebra II

Algebra II Honors

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC


Calculus Honors

Calculus III

Discrete Mathematics


Geometry Honors


Probability & Statistics

AP Statistics

BSI back to top

Applications of Algebra I

Applications of Algebra II





Language Arts Lab

Language Arts Lab II

Language Arts Lab III

Reading Lab I, II, III, IV


Physical Education back to top

Driver's Education

Health I

Health II

Health III

Health IV

Physical Education I

Physical Education II

Physical Education III

Physical Education IV

Science back to top

Advanced Biology

Anatomy / Physiology I

Anatomy / Physiology II


Biology Honors

AP Biology


Chemistry Honors

AP Chemistry

Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science

Forensic Science

Geophysical Science


Physics I Honors

Physics II Honors

AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

Social Studies back to top

African American History

American Government Civics

College Learning Strategies

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Latin American Studies

AP Psychology


Social Studies / Performing Arts


AP US Government / Politics

AP US History

US History I

US History I Honors

US History I Pre-AP

US History II

US History II Honors

World History

World History Honors

World Languages back to top

American Sign Language I

American Sign Language II

American Sign Language III

Arabic I

Arabic II

Arabic III

Chinese I

Chinese I (STEM)

Chinese II

Conversational Spanish I

Conversational Spanish II

French I

French II

French III

French IV


Japanese I

Japanese II

Japanese III

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

AP Spanish Language and Culture 


Electives back to top

ACT Prep/College Planning

Creative Writing

Design Thinking

Digital Media



English/Performing Arts

Fundamentals of Culinary

Illustration Art

Innovations & Inventions

Intro to Coding

Intro to Criminal Justice

AP Macroeconomics

Multimedia & CAD

Personal Financial Literacy

Public Speaking

Career & College Readiness back to top

Academy of Finance I

Academy of Finance II

Academy of Finance III

Academy of Finance IV

Academy of Health Sciences I

Academy of Health Sciences II

Academy of Health Sciences III

Academy of Health Sciences IV

Advertising Art I

Advertising Art II

Advertising Art III

Advertising Art IV

Architectural Drafting & Design I

Architectural Drafting & Design II

Architectural Drafting & Design III

Architectural Drafting & Design IV

Automotive Collision Repair I

Automotive Collision Repair II

Automotive Collision Repair III

Automotive Collision Repair IV

Automotive Technology I

Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology III

Automotive Technology IV

Building Maintenance I

Building Maintenance II

Building Maintenance III

Building Maintenance IV

Carpentry I

Carpentry II

Carpentry III

Carpentry IV

Child Development I

Child Development II

Child Development III

Child Development IV

Computer Science I

Computer Science II

Computer Science III

Computer Science IV

AP Computer Science IV

Cosmetology I

Cosmetology II

Cosmetology III

Cosmetology IV

Criminal Justice / Public Safety I

Criminal Justice / Public Safety II

Criminal Justice / Public Safety III

Criminal Justice / Public Safety IV

Culinary Arts / Bake

Culinary Arts / ProStart

Culinary Arts / Production

Culinary Arts / Pantry

Culinary Arts / Table Service

Electrical Tech I

Electrical Tech II

Electrical Tech III

Electronics I

Electronics II

Electronics III

Electronics IV

Essentials of Biomedical Science

Essentials of Computer Science

Essentials of Engineering

Global Business Management I

Global Business Management II

Global Business Management III

Graphic Arts I

Graphic Arts II

Graphic Arts III

Graphic Arts IV

H.V.A.C & Refrig I

H.V.A.C & Refrig II

H.V.A.C & Refrig III

H.V.A.C & Refrig IV

Information Technology & Network Security I

Information Technology & Network Security II

Information Technology & Network Security III

Information Technology & Network Security IV

Introduction to Business

Kitchen Assistant I 

Kitchen Assistant II

Kitchen Assistant III

Kitchen Assistant IV

Logistics I

Logistics II

Logistics III

Manufacturing Tech I

Manufacturing Tech II

Manufacturing Tech III

Manufacturing Tech IV

Marketing I

Marketing II

Marketing III

Performing Arts Dance I

Performing Arts Dance II

Performing Arts Dance III

Performing Arts Dance IV

Performing Arts Theater I

Performing Arts Theater II

Performing Arts Theater III

Performing Arts Theater IV

Performing Arts Music I

Performing Arts Music II

Performing Arts Music III

Performing Arts Music IV

Performing Arts Vocal I

Performing Arts Vocal II

Performing Arts Vocal III

Performing Arts Vocal IV

Plumbing I

Plumbing / Heating II

Plumbing / Heating III

Plumbing / Heating IV

Project Lead the Way I

Project Lead the Way II

Project Lead the Way III

Project Lead the Way IV

Secretarial Science / Administrative Assisting I

Secretarial Science / Administrative Assisting II

Secretarial Science / Administrative Assisting III

Secretarial Science / Administrative Assisting IV

Video Production I

Video Production II

Video Production III

Video Production IV

Welding I

Welding II

Welding III

Welding IV