Caitlin Kiernan
Head Coach

Downhill Skiing

Coaching Information

  • Head Coach: Caitlin Kiernan

  • The primary goals of the PCTVS Ski Race Program are to build a life-long passion for the sport of skiing while also developing technical and tactical skills to achieve goals of the individual skier. The commitment and determination from our athletes will also cultivate life skills such as focus, organization, timeliness, self-control, and respect of rules and others.

    “To be a great ski racer, one must first be a great skier.” (USSA Center of Excellence)

    2021-2022 Season

    NJSIAA dates for competition:

    • First practice: 11/29/21
    • First scrimmage: 12/6/21
    • Opening Day: 1/3/22
    • Comp End: 2/25/22

    Practices will be a combination of technical gate training & free skiing. Practice schedule to follow shortly. If you have any questions, please email either or .

    Training will consist of a combination of weight room training after school & fitness/cardio workouts.


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