PowerSchool Portal

The PCTVS Parent & Student Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, standardized test scores, and personal messages from teachers. Student official Progress Reports and Report Cards are placed on the Parent & Student Portal throughout the school year. Parents can also elect to receive automatic progress reports on all of their child’s classes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

When parents and students take advantage of this powerful tool, everyone stays connected: students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate more fully in their child’s progress, and teachers can use their gradebook to make decisions about information they feel is helpful to share with parents.

Click on the Parent & Student Portal link on the PCTVS website and take advantage of your ability to increase your level of communication, participation, and collaboration among you, your child, our teachers, and the entire PCTVS community.

For assistance with PowerSchool, please email .


To access PowerSchool, go to: https://ps.pcti.tec.nj.us
Your username is your ID number (######) and your PCTVS account password.

New Parent Account

To create your parent account, go to: https://ps.pcti.tec.nj.us

  1. Click on “Create Account" and fill out the top part with your personal information. (Don’t use your child’s ID number as your personal username.)
  2. When asked for an Access ID and Access Password, enter the credentials that were emailed to you. This information is what links your child to your account. It’s case-sensitive, so enter it exactly as you see it! If you haven’t received your access credentials, please email .
    Examples of Access Credentials
    • Student Name: Jane Doe
    • Access ID: T7HTTT
    • Access Password: NHS98J

  3. Select your relationship to your student. For every new 9th grader you have attending PCTI or STEM, enter their respective credentials in the numbered boxes.
  4. Scroll all the way down and click “Enter”.
  5. Sign in to verify that your account was successfully created.

Existing Parent Account – Linking a New Student

If you already have a PowerSchool Parent account for another student attending PCTI or STEM and wish to add a new student, follow the instructions below:

Log into PowerSchool (https://ps.pcti.tec.nj.us) with your personal username and password that you created in the past.
  1. Click “Account Preferences” under the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the “Students” tab.
  3. Click the “Add” button.
  4. Enter in the student’s name, Access ID, and Access Password that was emailed to you.
  5. Select your relationship to your student.
  6. Click “Ok.”

You will see all of your student's names at the top of the page.

Click here for a printable guide.