PCTI Faculty & Staff “Driven To Give” with Lincoln Event

On Tuesday, June 20th, Passaic County Technical Institute’s Education Foundation partnered with Lincoln of Wayne to participate in their “Driven to Give” event, a program which offers organizations the opportunity to raise $8,000 in funds for their prospective cause. PCTI’s faculty and staff were encouraged to get behind the wheel of a 2017 MKZ’s, MKC’s, MKX’s, and the returning favorite, the Lincoln Continental, to raise funds for future scholarships that will benefit both students and teachers.

PCTI’s Education Foundation is known for their regional, business, and community outreach initiatives. Since its inception twenty years ago, the foundation has raised proceeds surpassing one million dollars.

President of the Education Foundation, Al Alexander, expressed appreciation to all PCTI faculty and staff for their participation in the “Driven to Give” event, saying, “The dedication of our school’s faculty and staff truly makes PCTI like no place else. Thank you to Mr. Peter Spina Jr., General Manager of Lincoln of Wayne Lincoln and his team for the opportunity to participate in an outstanding event that will benefit the educational endeavors of our students and teachers.”

Faculty and staff of Passaic County Technical Institute eagerly wait to participate in Lincoln’s “Driven to Give” event, which will benefit the rallying of scholarship funds for the high school’s Education Foundation.