PCTI Claims 27 Medals at SkillsUSA State Competition

Students of Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI) demonstrated incredible skill when they went head to head with vocational students throughout New Jersey for the SkillsUSA State Competition on Saturday, April 8th. The event celebrated absolute dedication and the perfection of one’s craft. PCTI’s students worked hard and it showed when they brought home a total of twenty-seven medals from the competition, four of which were first place awards!

The following students took home the gold and some will be competing in the SkillsUSA National competition in Louisville, Kentucky during the week of June 19th-23rd: Mauriceo Clase (Ornamental Iron Design), Casey Cruz (T-Shirt Design), Nirav Kinkhabwala (Computer Programming), and Johans Saavedra Falcon (Plumbing).

Other medal recipients include: Jairus Bostick, Kimberly Lopez, Jahnae Moultrie, & Courtney Whyte (Broadcast News, silver), Camil Andruch, Raihan Sufian &Jakub Zarski (Engineering Technology & Design, silver), Stephen Danso & Evan Tang (Mobile Robotics Technology, silver), Andres Barba &Moin Bunglawala (Web Design, silver), Esteban Salazar, Christopher Valencia, & Jayson Velazquez (Career Pathways Showcase – Information Technology, silver), Anthony Montecinos &Renee Nunez (Digital Cinema Production, bronze), Denisse Vargas (Early Childhood Education, bronze), Brandon Rios (HVACR, bronze), Anhar Uddin (Technical Computer Applications, bronze), and Casey Creazzo & Daisy Reyes (Wedding Cake Decoration, bronze).

Congratulations to all of PCTI’s SkillsUSA medal recipients! Good luck at Nationals!

PCTI SkillsUSA State competitors Camil Andruch (Clifton), Courtney Whyte (Paterson), Jahnae Moultrie (Prospect Park), Jairus Bostick (Passaic), Raihan Sufian (Paterson), Mauriceo Clase (Paterson), Johans Saavedra Falcon (Haledon), Nirav Kinkhabwala (Passaic), Esteban Salazar (Clifton), Brandon Rios (Clifton), Stephen Danso (Hawthorne), Evan Tang (Hawthorne), Denisse Vargas (Clifton), Christopher Valencia (Clifton), Anthony Montecinos (Passaic), Renee Nunez (Clifton), Jakub Zarski, Moin Bunglawala (Clifton), Tiamera Rasmussen-Ellen (Passaic), Stephanie Perleche (Clifton), Daisy Reyes (Passaic), and Andres Barba (Passaic) celebrate their numerous wins.