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Hours: 7:20am - 3:15pm

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The Record
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New York Times
Wall Street Journal (C-Wing)

Automated Databases & Programs
See the Media Center's Databases page.

Equipment & Services
Photocopier (Scan-to-File)
SmartBoard Technology
Presentation System
JerseyCat (Interlibrary Loan)
Computer Labs

Circulation Policy

Materials circulate for a period of four weeks except for the following:
  • Reference (C-Wing), Magazines (C-Wing), Newspapers, and Posters do not circulate to students.
  • Reserve materials circulate according to the determination of the assigning teacher.
  • Audio-visual materials (DVD) are loaned only to the faculty; however, students may borrow audiobooks, music, and some films for 2 weeks (FILM, AUDIO, CD).
There is a limit of three items in total per student. Topics may be restricted at times throughout the year. Items may be renewed once. Students must use their ID cards for borrowing materials; ID cards are not transferable.

Overdue Materials

Borrowed materials are expected to be returned in good condition by the issued due date. Overdue notices will be emailed. On the fifteenth day of the overdue period, fines will be levied ($0.20 per day per item). Students who do not return their materials by the end of the marking period will be responsible for the cost of the item plus late fines. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged materials.

Computer Use Policy

The school’s computer use policy is enforced at all times. The library computers are to be used to support the school’s curriculum. Violation of this policy will terminate the student’s computer session immediately and result in his/her being escorted back to class. If the student is a member of a scheduled class, the student will vacate the computer lab area.

All students must remain on task for a specific assignment, no exceptions. All digital activity is considered property of the school and can be monitored. Non-assignment related E-mail, games, and chat rooms, blogs, etc., are prohibited during a scheduled class unless prior arrangements have been made with the Media Specialist and the assigning teacher regarding the assignment. These special cases will be limited and carefully monitored.

Students using the library computers during the school day must report to the Library Staff at the circulation desk. They must state a specific research topic or a library computer program to be used for school assignments. The library staff will determine admission. If admitted, the student signs in at the Circulation desk and is assigned a computer for his session.

All students must comply with the Media Center’s policy on Printing. (See Printing Policy)

Upon leaving the Media Center, the student signs out, and his pass is placed in the inactive file.

Students in Scheduled Classes

  1. Students will report to the Media Center as instructed by the classroom teacher.
  2. The student must stay on task as specified in the class assignment; violation of this policy will terminate the student’s computer session immediately.
  3. All students must comply with the Media Center’s policy on Printing. (See Printing Policy).
  4. In the C-Wing, printers will be paused during the period and the print jobs will be monitored. At the end of the period, printing will commence and the material collated and given to the classroom teacher for his/her review and distribution.

Student Pass Policy

General Passes

Students must present a valid General Pass to the Media Center staff upon entering the Media Center during the school day. If admitted, the student must sign in at the Circulation desk.

The Media Center staff may direct the student where to sit, particularly if there is a scheduled class present.

A library pass will be issued to the student to return to class/shop during a period; no pass is necessary if the student leaves the Media Center between periods.

All students must sign out upon leaving the Media Center regardless of the time.

All students should be dismissed from their classroom/shop at the end of the day, not the Media Center. Students will not be accepted in the library after 2:30pm. Students will be given passes to return to their classes by 2:40pm.

  • Substitute teachers may not send students to the Media Center.
  • Students are not accepted into the Media Center during their lunch periods. Passes are invalid.
  • Physical Education: Due to state requirements, physical education students should remain in the physical education department.

Research Process

Click above to see information on the research process.