May Students of the Month

Roohan Patel

Roohan Patel is a senior hailing from Clifton who has always held strong interests in science and health. It is no wonder that this Bulldog found his home in the Academy of Medical Arts. There, for the past four years, a combination of academic savvy and hard work have ensured Roohan’s recognition as the May Student of the Month and Valedictorian of the Class of 2021!

Roohan attributes a great deal of his incredible success to the unique opportunities provided by PCTI. “One of the biggest factors in my decision to go to school here was having access to an educational experience that would really prepare me for further studies in the field of medicine. Being in a program that directly links to my career path helped to maintain my passion and motivate me to do well,” he said.

With an impressive 4.54 GPA, Roohan’s determination and hard work have paid off. In September he will be attending Seton Hall University as part of an innovative 7-year joint degree program. After the completion of a bachelor’s degree, he will be given priority in being accepted to the School of Medicine. While he has yet to decide which field of medicine he will pursue, Roohan’s ideal position would place him on the front lines of patient care, perhaps as an emergency room physician.

Outside of academics, Roohan's willingness to give back is evident. He is currently volunteering his time helping at a nursing home. Also, as President of the National Honor Society, he organized a food drive and participated in Wreaths Across America. "It is always a gratifying feeling when the school community comes together to do something for the greater good," he said. "More than anything, I want to continue to give back and be known for my philanthropy."

Looking back on his high school career, Roohan's advice to his peers is to believe in yourself and know that where there is a will, there is a way. "There were times, especially during the pandemic, when it was hard to stay motivated. But if you set a goal that is meaningful to you and work hard, you can overcome any hurdle," he said.

Congratulations, Roohan, on your amazing success! We have no doubt that your future is bright!


  • Valedictorian for the Class of 2021
  • GPA of 4.54
  • Extracurriculars: Swimming, Volleyball, Boys State, Environmental Club
  • Honors: National Honor Society
  • Goal: Earn a degree in medicine and become a physician

Lynda Majagah

Salutatorian and May Student of the Month Lynda Majagah was drawn to the medical field at an early age. When she spent the summer of 3rd grade visiting her grandmother in the cancer ward, she witnessed and acutely felt the struggles of patients and their families. She realized then that her empathetic nature would be best put to use by pursuing the study of medicine.

Coming from the small district of Haledon, Lynda opted for PCTI not only because she knew the Academy of Medical Arts was a perfect fit for her future career goals, but also to push herself outside of her comfort zone in meeting new people. She is grateful that PCTI has delivered on her expectations. "I knew everyone in my small school district, so I really wanted to expand my horizons. I came here because I wanted to challenge myself both educationally and socially," she said.

With 14 honors and AP courses under her belt and a GPA of 4.52, Lynda's commitment to her studies is apparent. After graduation, she will be attending Ramapo College, where she will be majoring in Biology. She plans to attend medical school, and her ultimate career goal is to become a trauma surgeon.

Beyond her obvious academic success, Lynda has rounded out her high school experience by being an active member of HOSA and serving as a Class Representative.

In the community, she has volunteered with the Father English Food Pantry in Paterson, which serves over 5,000 people each month. "Going to help package and distribute food, and seeing the line wrapped around the corner, is really a humbling experience," said Lynda.

Reflecting on her time at PCTI, Lynda feels the most valuable lesson was taught to her by Mr. Rosenfeld in her US History class. "As a student who usually does well, making mistakes was hard for me. Mr. Rosenfeld helped me to see failure as an opportunity for true learning," she said.

If she could offer words of encouragement to freshmen, Lynda says to view high school as a marathon rather than a sprint. "Slow and steady can win the race!" she said.

Congratulations, Lynda, on your incredible accomplishments! We know that you will continue to excel in all that you do!


  • Salutatorian for the Class of 2021
  • GPA of 4.52
  • Extracurriculars: HOSA, Class Rep
  • Community Service: Food Pantry Volunteer
  • Goal: Earn a degree in Biology, attend medical school and become a trauma surgeon