September Students of the Month

Congratulation to Michael Calixto and Paras Nahar, September's Students of the Month.

Michael Calixto

Michael Calixto of Passaic has achieved immense success during his time at PCTVS, thanks to his steadfast dedication to his studies and a relentless work ethic. With an incredible 4.6 GPA, Michael ranks in the top 1% of his graduating class and is enrolled in an array of AP courses to enhance his studies. Additionally, he will graduate from PCTVS with 22 potential college credits.

As a child, various health issues prompted Michael’s interest in the medical field. A truly selfless young man, Michael now seeks to help others who are facing similar health challenges, as he strives to become a nephrologist after graduating from PCTI’s Academy of Medical Arts. With a genuine passion for academic learning, Michael seeks to apply the knowledge he has learned in his classes to properly execute in the professional world.

Outside of classes, Michael and two sophomore students have taken over the E&E Medical Arts/Health Sciences fundraiser. This initiative raises money for underprivileged individuals as well as those who are affected by natural disasters. Recently, Michael and the team have been raising and donating money to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Continuing his philanthropic efforts, Michael is busy serving his community and volunteering.

In addition to being an active member of St. Anthony of Padua’s Youth Group and church activities and working as a PCTVS Saturday Tour Guide, Michael has volunteered extensively at the Clifton Library and Eva’s Village. Additionally, he has served as HOSA Parliamentarian, participated in Boys’ State, and attended New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences (NJGSS).

When reflecting on his time at PCTVS, Michael notes that he has matured greatly and is learning to consider others’ perspectives in the quest to better yourself. He also advises others to listen to constructive criticism, find a balance in life and to think before you speak.

Michael offers further advice for other students, noting “Take every opportunity to better yourself. Take classes that will help you and set yourself up for success in the future.”

Congratulations, Michael! Your selflessness and hard work will guide you to much success in your future endeavors!


  • Ranks in the top 1% of his class
  • Leads E&E Community Service Project
  • Will graduate with 22 potential college credits
  • Volunteered with Eva’s Village, Clifton Library, HOSA and IBIP Leadership Initiatives
  • Participated in Boys’ State and New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences (NJGSS)
  • Served as HOSA Parliamentarian in 10th and 11th grades
  • Active with church activities and Youth Group at St. Anthony of Padua’s
  • Goal: To attend medical school and become a nephrologist

Paras Nahar

Paras Nahar of Clifton is ready to take his skills across the country after graduation- to Stanford University! This hardworking and business-savvy young man is currently a senior in the Academy of Information Technology with a focus on computer science, and has big dreams for his collegiate career.

With an outstanding 4.6 GPA and enrollment in an array of Advanced Placement courses, Paras demonstrates academic excellence and will graduate from PCTVS with 29 potential college credits. An active member of the boys’ tennis team, Paras has also been honored with the Freshman Foundation of Success and Circle of Success. During his time at PCTVS, Paras participated in Governor’s School of New Jersey, MIT Launch, and served as Parliamentarian of SkillsUSA. Notably, in 2016, Paras received a full academic scholarship to the Oxbridge Academic Programs at Oxford University, where he learned Python and created a productivity program.

A true entrepreneurial spirit motivates Paras, as he has run his own Minecraft Account Modification Business since freshman year and has also co-founded an app that simplifies the gift-giving process. Paras has also created various websites for businesses across the nation, and has served as a LaunchX Club Mentor to guide startup companies. Additionally, Paras is a martial artist who possesses a black belt and has worked as both an instructor and volunteer. He also tutors other students in math, English, and SAT preparation. These endeavors highlight Paras’ decision to pursue entrepreneurship in addition to computer science in his post-high school studies. Stanford University’s outstanding academic offerings as well as its geographic proximity to Silicon Valley make it Paras’ dream school.

Paras adds that the CTE environment at PCTVS is what sets the school apart from all others. He appreciated the camaraderie with similar students that shops promote, and enjoys how these classes thoroughly prepare students for their futures. Reflecting on his time at PCTVS, Paras notes that he has branched out socially and has achieved a steady balance of academics and socialization. He also notes that while he was once quite competitive with his peers, he is now more competitive with himself to keep steadily improving.

Paras notes some key takeaways for other students, advising that they should “be open to trying new things.” He also says, “Try to figure out what you like and don’t like now, so you don’t waste time doing so in college.”

Congratulations, Paras! Your academic achievements and entrepreneurial vision will bring you much success in your future! Best of luck in college and beyond!


  • Ranks in the top 1% of his class
  • Member of the Boys’ Tennis Team, Governor’s School of New Jersey, MIT Launch, and served as Parliamentarian of SkillsUSA
  • Has a first degree black belt in Martial Arts
  • Favorite class at PCTVS was macro-economics with Mr. De Filippis
  • Spent a month at Oxford University on a full academic scholarship
  • Will graduate with 29 potential college credits
  • Goal: Graduate from Stanford University with a dual degree in computer science and finance or economics