September Students of the Month

Omar Ibrahim

Omar Ibrahim is a mathematically inclined youth who spends much of his time figuring out how and why things work. This young man hails from Clifton and selected to pursue an education as a member of PCTI’s School of Engineering Technology.

School has always been a large part of Omar’s life. This trend continued into high school where he challenges himself to take on an academic course load of honors and AP classes. Omar has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout his entire high school career. He currently ranks number two in the Class of 2019 with a GPA of 4.56 and has the potential to graduate with an astounding fifty-four college credits!

In addition, Omar has been selected as a Freshmen Foundation for Success member. He is involved in Gifted and Talented, Engineering Club, the Muslim Student Association (where he serves as Vice President), ERASE, SkillsUSA, Chess Club, Book Club, and the NJROTC. Omar has been honored as an NS3 Outstanding Cadet, is the Supply Representative for the program, and was declared as the Unit Honor Cadet for the past four years. He’s also participated in NASA Hunch projects, acted as his group’s team leader, and was awarded with the NASA HUNCH Group Achievement Award.

Omar has undoubtedly worked hard to achieve these accomplishments and many more. In whatever free time he has left, Omar enjoys volunteering with the Islamic Center of Passaic County and the NJCDC.

The future is bright for this brilliant Bulldog. Omar looks forward to becoming a Mechanical Engineer, working in either the aerospace or machinery industries. He will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Mathematics. As for universities to further his education, Omar will apply to Columbia, MIT, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, and more. Omar hopes to one day combine his passion for engineering with a career in business. He also seeks to obtain a Professional Engineer License.

When asked what’s been his greatest asset while attending PCTI, Omar cited perseverance. “Take classes that challenge you and don’t give up. You’ll gain so many transferable skills. It’s all about opportunity.”

Congratulations Omar, your drive and dedication to the pursuit of great achievements will ensure success!


    • Ranks in the top 1% of his class
    • Will graduate with a potential 54 college credits
    • Involved in Gifted & Talented, Engineering Club, the MSA (serves as Vice President), ERASE, SkillsUSA, Chess Club, NJROTC
    • Selected for Foundation for Success, United States House of Representatives (NASA HUNCH), NJ Governor’s School
    • Goal: Graduate from a university with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s in Mathematics, obtain a Professional Engineer License

Abdul Uddin

Abdul Uddin is a young man from Paterson who is passionate about circuits, electricity, and electronics. His aptitude for this particular area stems from an event in his childhood. “I had an LED hooked up to a power cable and it exploded right in front of me,” Abdul says. Since then, he’s been interested in how electronics work.

It’s no wonder that Abdul is a member of the School of Applied Technology and selected Electronics as his concentration.

This young man lives by a distinct code and holds the belief that helping others is paramount to achieving happiness.

Abdul regularly tutors his peers in one of his strongest subjects: mathematics. He also feels strongly about pursuing learning in every aspect of his life. It’s no surprise, that Abdul has challenged himself with a rigorous academic course load. He has taken numerous AP and honors courses, which has lifted his GPA to an astounding 4.59! In fact, Abdul currently ranks number one in the Class of 2019 and has the potential to graduate with thirty-eight college credits! He has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout most of his high school career.

This academically astute Bulldog has also been involved in the following activities: Engineering Club, SkillsUSA, & Book Club. He’s even volunteered to help with patients at the Preakness Healthcare Center.

The theme of assisting others runs throughout his life, even in future aspirations. “I really want to become an Electrical Engineer,” he says. Abdul further explained that Engineers solve problems and design solutions to issues faced by people every single day. He looks forward to attending Rutgers University and pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. Eventually, he’d like to earn a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and Signal Processing. He also aims to one day becoming a high school Math teacher.

When asked about any advice advice he has for fellow Bulldogs, Abdul cautions his peers against confusing memorization with education. “Memorizing facts to get by in school won’t help anyone in the long run. Success depends on obtaining knowledge, not for the sake of a grade, but to ultimately grow in life.”

Congratulations, Abdul. Your kindness and concern for helping others is an outstanding quality that will ensure much success in the future!


      • Ranks in the top 1% of his class
      • Will graduate with a potential 38 college credits
      • Member of Engineering Club, SkillsUSA, & Book Club
      • Volunteered with Preakness Healthcare Center
      • Speaks Bengali
      • Goal: Graduate from Rutgers University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics, earn a Master’s degree, eventually become a high school Math teacher

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