October Students of the Month

Thanya Begum

Thanya Begum is a young woman with a passion for creativity. Yearning to cultivate her artistic talents, this Paterson local joined the School of Communication Arts.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing and figured I would want to do something art-related,” she explains. Thanya soon found out that it was the creativity of the problem-solving process that she truly enjoys. Thus, this brilliant Bulldog plans to pursue a career in Engineering. “When you think about it, engineering is a form of art. It takes a lot of creativity to solve problems the way engineers do.”

Thanya arrived at this decision over the summer while engaging in extensive research, an act of preparedness that can be traced throughout numerous areas of her life. At PCTI, she elected to take countless honors and AP courses. Such academic foresight resulted in her ranking third in the Class of 2019 with a GPA of 4.55! Thanya has the potential to graduate with thirty-nine college credits. She has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout her entire high school career, was selected for the Foundation for Success, and was recognized as a National Merit Commended Scholar and AP Scholar with Honor. Most recently, Thanya has been declared a QuestBridge National College Match Finalist. If announced a QuestBridge Scholar, Thanya’s undergraduate education will be paid for in full.

After graduation, she will go on to pursue an education in either Mechanical or Software Engineering. She’s interested in learning about coding and robotics.

Thanya is applying to the following universities: Rutgers, Stevens, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Brown, and MIT. “I look forward to taking a shot at the ivy leagues,” she adds.

When asked about valuable experiences at PCTI, Thanya mentions that diversity and meeting new people is at the top of her list. “If I stayed in my hometown, I would never have had the opportunity to meet people and make new friends.”

She also has fantastic advice for those looking to broaden their horizons. “Learn for learning’s sake, not solely with the goal of grades in mind. Enjoy your classes and teachers.”

Congratulations to this astute Bulldog! May your desire to achieve great things continue throughout the rest of your life!


    • Ranks in the top 1% of his class
    • Will graduate with a potential 39 college credits
    • Involved in Book Club, Gifted & Talented, Engineering Club, Yearbook Club, ERASE, History Club, & Student Council/Interact
    • QuestBridge National College Match Finalist
    • Selected for Foundation for Success, honored as National Merit Commended Scholar & AP Scholar with Honor
    • Adobe Certified Associate, Photoshop
    • Goal: Graduate from a university with a degree in Mechanical/Software Engineering

Andrea Roy

Andrea Roy is a young woman of Hawthorne who elected to study as a member of PCTI’s Academy of Medical Arts. Her selection was influenced, in part, by her family’s involvement in the nursing field.

“Originally I wanted to study Child Development,” she offers, “but I began enjoying Medical Arts more than I thought I would. It ended up really working out.”

Andrea is an opportunist who makes the best of every situation. “I really believe that you have to be open to different areas of learning. What you want to do will change a lot throughout high school.”

As a member of the Academy of Medical Arts, Andrea has earned certifications in First Aid, as a CNA, and is working towards CPR. She was selected as a member of the Freshmen Foundation for Success and has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout most of her high school career. This outstanding young woman is dedicated to her studies and has taken numerous AP and honors courses. She currently ranks 7th in her class with a GPA of 4.37! It’s no surprise that she has the potential to graduate with thirty-five college credits.

In addition to her successful academic career, Andrea is the President of both Book Club and Gifted & Talented. She’s a member of HOSA, Student Council, CSA, ERASE, and LEAP. Andrea was selected for the National Honors Society and, outside of school, acts as Vice President for Keystone - a Boys and Girls Club program in her hometown. She’s also volunteered with an assisted living facility and her church youth group. During her sophomore year, she worked with the Girl Rising organization - a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment - and raised fifteen hundred dollars in donations.

After graduation, Andrea will continue her education in the field of Biology. “I want to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health or go to medical school for Psychology and Pediatrics,” she says. Andrea will be applying to NYU, the Honors College at Rutgers University, Princeton, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

When asked about advice she’d give to her fellow classmates, Andrea said, “To get the best educational experience, it’s important to adapt to change and be able to thrive. Look at where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. People have the potential to do amazing things in life.”.

Congratulations, Andrea! We wish you the very best on your educational journey and in life!


      • Ranks in the top 1% of his class
      • Will graduate with a potential 35 college credits
      • President of Book Club and Gifted & Talented, member of HOSA, Student Council, CSA, ERASE, and LEAP
      • Selected for Foundation for Success & National Honors Society, Vice President of Keystone (Boys & Girls Club program)
      • Raised $1.5K for Girls Rising
      • Goal: Graduate from a university with a Bachelor of Science in Biology; pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health or enroll in Medical School for Psychology/Pediatrics

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