January Students of the Month

Sharia Hussain

Sharia Hussain is a young man from Paterson whose technologic aptitude led him to study Computer Science as a member of PCTI’s Academy of Information Technology. “It began when I was five years old. My family got a computer and I was really curious about all the programs and internet. It interested me more than toys.”

Pursuing an education in Computer Science cultivated an interest in tinkering and discovering just how systems work. One of Sharia’s favorite components is the microcontroller or single integrated circuit, which is used to automatically control products and devices. Working with such devices combines Sharia’s knowledge of programming and electronics.

Hard work and diligence in these areas allowed him to flourish in numerous competitions. Notably, Sharia participated in the Junior Achievement Hackathon, which saw that he and a teammate created an AI Assistant. Start to finish, the program was produced in just twenty-four hours. “Our AI automated redundant processes like looking up the weather, ordering pizza, and playing music,” he says. The project was ultimately awarded second place.

Sharia has also competed in FBLA and SkillsUSA competitions at the regional, state, and national levels.

It’s no surprise that he ranks in the top four percent of his class with a GPA of 4.15. He has the potential to graduate with an astounding thirty-four college credits!

Sharia was selected for the World Language Honor Society (Arabic) and serves as a member of Student Council/Interact. He achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout his entire high school career and is involved in Astronomy Club, Chess Club, and Engineering Club. In the summer, he volunteers at Preakness Healthcare Center.

After graduating, Sharia aims to earn dual undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He aspires to become a Computer Programmer or a Systems Engineer.

Sharia has already applied to Tufts, John Hopkins, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Stevens, and Lehigh University.

When asked about the advice he has for his fellow Bulldogs, Sharia says, “It may be hard, but don’t think of yourself as a number. You’re worth much more than a GPA or test score.”

Congratulations Sharia, your ambition is sure to make an impact. We’re so proud of all that you’ve accomplished!


    • Ranks in the top 4% of his class
    • Will graduate with a potential 34 college credits
    • Involved in Astronomy Club, Chess Club, Engineering Club, & Student Council/Interact
    • Selected for World Language Honor Society (Arabic)
    • Achieved Principal’s Honor Roll status throughout his high school career
    • Competed in FBLA & SkillsUSA competitions
    • Goal: Graduate from a university with degrees in Computer Science & Mathematics, become a Computer Programmer/ Systems Engineer

Maya Price

For as long as she can remember, Maya Price has always been drawn to creative pursuits. At four years old, she began writing. Then came dance, piano, violin, and eventually vocal lessons. “When I was in 7th grade, I saw PCTI’s production of Oliver and was so impressed! That led me to apply to the School of Performing Arts’ Vocal program. My aim was to find the connection between mind, body, and voice so that I could grow as a performer.”

And grow she did. Maya’s time at PCTI has been spent as Section Leader for the Sopranos, as a member of the Choir, Performing Arts Club, as well as the Tri-M Music Honor Society. She’s also involved in ERASE and Student Council/Interact. Maya was also selected for the World Language Honor Society (ASL). She received numerous solos during her high school career and has performed at the NJ State House as well as at the Passaic County Freeholder’s Induction ceremonies.

This multi-talented Bulldog ranks in the top ten percent of the Class of 2019 and has the potential to graduate with six college credits.

Other notable accomplishments include attending the Contemporary Vocal Institute Summer Intensive at Rider University, furthering her education at the Nutley School of Music, and receiving 2nd place in the National Musical Theatre Competition.

Fans of PCTI’s spring musicals will get to see Maya portray Donna Sheridan in this year’s rendition of the ABBA inspired show, Mama Mia! Her favorite song? “Super Trooper,” she replies instantly.

When asked about her plans for the future, Maya has it all figured out. “I aim to become a professional vocalist,” she says. Her inspiration is drawn from artists such as Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. Maya will pursue an education in Music Business and Music Performance. She’s already applied to her top college, the New School, as well as the University of the Arts, William Paterson University, and Belmont University.

In looking back at her experiences when first attending PCTI, Maya notices a trend. “I’ve always wanted to learn, but I didn’t necessarily want to be in the spotlight. I’ve come to realize it’s a balancing act; managing eagerness and knowledge is the best way to take advantage of worthwhile opportunities.”

This passionate young woman is certainly a star on the rise. Congratulations Maya, and best of luck on your musical journey!


      • Ranks in the top 10% of her class
      • Will graduate with a potential 6 college credits
      • Section Leader of Sopranos
      • Selected for WLHS (ASL) & Tri-M Music Honor Society, involved in Choir, Performing Arts Club, ERASE, & Student Council/ Interact
      • Attended the Contemporary Vocal Institute Summer Intensive, studies at the Nutley School of Music
      • Awarded 2nd place in the National Musical Theatre Competition
      • Goal: Graduate from a university with degrees in Music Business and Music Education, become a professional vocalist

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