November Students of the Month

Eldad Cano

Eldad Cano is a young man from Paterson who is fascinated by the endless possibilities provided by PCTI. In order to become a successful and productive member of today’s society, Eldad has taken advantage of numerous opportunities while in high school. This member of the School of Applied Technology enjoys the fruits of self-betterment, especially when it comes to embracing the qualities he’s cultivated as a leader.

Eldad has been a member of the NJROTC since he was a freshman. His decision to join was based on the fact that he participated in a Police Academy program while in middle school. “The NJROTC was nothing like I thought it would be - it was better. I’m glad that I ended up joining.” For the past four years, Eldad has climbed the ranks to become the NJROTC’s Executive Officer. This second in command position provides Eldad with opportunity to shoulder a great deal of responsibility. He explains, “My greatest joy is opening the channels of communication between myself and others. It’s important that every student has a voice and that they’re heard.”

Eldad ranks in the top seven percent of his class with a GPA of 4.05. His enrollment in countless AP and honors courses has earned him a potential nineteen credits towards his academic future.

Eldad is involved in numerous PCTI activities, including the History Club, Environmental Club, ERASE, and the ASL Club. He was even selected for the National Honor Society and the World Language Honor Society. Outside of high school, Eldad works as a server at Johnny Rockets, and has been a CoOp ACAD Engineer for JoeMax Telecom LLC as well as Michael Raiser Associates. However, it is his volunteer work with St. Joseph’s Hospital which unveiled new talents and educational prospects for the future.

“I’ve always enjoyed the subjects of biology and math and working in a hospital allows me to solve new mysteries every day.” Eldad further explained that the parallel between the School of Applied Technology and the health field is a simple one. “I like making sure projects are structurally sound. With people, it’s the healing experience.”

Eldad seeks to begin an education in Pre-Med and will eventually earn a doctorate. This determined Bulldog has applied early decision to his dream school of NYU, as well as to Rutgers, Keane, Ramapo, Boston University, and Pennsylvania State University.

Congratulations to this man on a mission. Best of luck!


  • Ranks in the top 7% of his class
  • Executive Officer of NJROTC
  • Drill Team competitor: Unarmed Basic, Armed Basic, & Color Guard; earned many awards
  • Selected for National Honor Society and World Language Honor Society
  • Member of History Club, Environmental Club, ERASE, and ASL Club
  • Co-Op ACAD Engineer with Michael Raiser Associates
  • Volunteers at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
  • Accumulated more than 100 hours of community service
  • Goal: Enter the Pre-Med track and graduate from a university; eventually earn a degree in medicine

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Alexa Mazzoccoli

Alexa Mazzoccoli has always had a passion for makeup and hair. “It’s all about making people feel beautiful,” she says. This young woman from North Haledon prides herself on bringing joy to others, especially as a member of PCTI’s School of Cosmetology.

Much of Alexa’s time has been spent training towards her Cosmetology permit, which takes six hundred hours to complete. She gains her experience, and so much more, by working in PCTI’s full-service salon. Come May, Alexa will have the opportunity to take the NJ State Board Exam to receive her Cosmetology License.

High school has been a busy time for Alexa. She was inducted into the World Language Honor Society and has applied for the National Honor Society. Among her in-school involvement in ERASE, Yearbook Club, and the Environmental Club, as well as being selected for the Circle of Success, Alexa is quite the community volunteer. Her free time is spent teaching students as the Safety Town Instructor, donating her time to her local Goodwill store, aiding with the North Haledon 5K Run, and fundraising for her local church. Alexa cites that some of her most influential volunteer work was with PCTI events. “I’m a freshmen mentor and help out at Open House and the Saturday Academy,” she says. During the latter, Alexa led a cosmetology class as a student-instructor. The experience was a profound one; she even wrote her college essay on the subject!

Despite a busy schedule, Alexa maintains her 4.1 GPA and ranks in the top five percent of her class. She’s even managed to submit all her college applications - a total of six - by October! In addition, Alexa has working experience as an administrative assistant with the New World Sales company.

This senior is truly undaunted by the future, which is likely due to her top notch organizational skills and her flair for productivity. Alexa has already decided on her educational path after graduation. “I want to study Business and Marketing and incorporate what I’ve learned at PCTI.” She further explained that she looks forward to eventually working for a well-known cosmetics company.

When asked about her high school accomplishments, Alexa cited that’s she proud to have come out of her shell. Her engagement in the PCTI community allowed her to break out of that fabled comfort zone.

“It’s also been a longstanding dream of mine to be named Student of the Month,” Alexa gushes, positively beaming. “I’m glad to have finally achieved it!”

Congratulations to this deserving young woman. Keep achieving your dreams!


  • Ranked in the top 5% of his class
  • Working towards receiving Cosmetology License
  • Selected for Circle of Success & World Language Honor Society
  • Member of ERASE, Yearbook Club, & Environmental Club
  • Volunteers as Safety Town Instructor, at Goodwill store, during 5K Run events, fundraises for local church
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with a degree in Business/ Marketing; work in sales for a well-known cosmetics company

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