May Students of the Month

Mahjabeen Siddiqi

Mahjabeen Siddiqi is a young woman from Paterson who champions the laidback philosophy of giving anything a shot. When attending PCTI, she was torn between two careers, but eventually chose the Academy of Medical Arts. “I figured, why not? It ended well because I really like it.”

Her quiet confidence can be attributed to her affinity for trying absolutely everything. Mahjabeen is thoroughly involved in numerous pursuits, including HOSA, the Muslim Student Association, Book Club, the Chair Committee of Crafts (as the Vice President), Gifted and Talented, the National Honor Society, Willpower for Girl Power, the World Language Honor Society, and the Rho Kappa History Honor Society.

Mahjabeen has earned numerous awards through HOSA competitions, including the Barbara James Service Award. She has even earned the honor to compete at this year’s International HOSA Conference in Florida! Mahjabeen was also selected for the Foundation for Success, Circle of Success, and has earned the Principal’s Honor Roll distinction for the past four years.

Throughout her high school career, she has accumulated more than one hundred and fifty service hours through community service pursuits, which includes donating her time to Preakness Healthcare Center, the HOSA Blood Drive, and more. She is Basic Life Support certified, is a Certified Nursing Assistant, and will graduate with her EMT license.

It’s no surprise that Mahjabeen ranks in the top one percent of her class with a GPA of 4.47. She has the potential to graduate with thirty-two college credits.

Fun fact: near and dear to Mahjabeen’s heart is the art of crafting. She’s known for making keychains to support HOSA events and more recently, has done the same for this year’s Charity Day.

When asked about her future, Mahjabeen was fittingly, all smiles. “I want to be a Pediatric Dentist.” She further explained, “There’s just something about helping others and making them happy.”

She will attend Rutgers University where she will major in Biology. After graduation, she will pursue dental school.

This chipper Bulldog’s penchant for looking on the bright side and not sweating the small stuff has served her well. “I’m glad I found my path and plan on sticking to it,” she says. “You can’t doubt yourself. You always have to try.”

Congratulations to a young woman who has already accomplished much and will surely succeed exponentially in the future!


  • Ranks in the top 1% of her class
  • Will graduate with a potential 32 college credits
  • Licensed CNA, First Aid & Basic Life Support certified
  • Selected for Freshmen Foundation for Success, Circle of Success, NHS, WLHS, and Rho Kappa Honor Society
  • Involved in HOSA, MSA, Book Club, Vice President of the Chair Committee of Crafts, & Willpower for Girl Power
  • Goal: Graduate from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, enroll in dental school, become a Pediatric Dentist

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Melissa Villafana

Melissa Villafana is a Clifton local who prides herself on her passion for drawing, painting, and embracing all aspects the creative field. She found the perfect home as part of the Advertising Art & Design program in PCTI’s School of Communication Arts.

“I’ve enjoyed art ever since I could pick up a pencil,” Melissa says.

Being named one of PCTI’s Students of the Month has been a longstanding dream. The distinction is well-deserved. Melissa is a member of ERASE, Willpower for Girl Power, and serves as a Color Guard captain. She was selected twice for the Circle of Success and has volunteered as a tutor, at her local library, as a food server for Eva’s Village, and so much more. She even holds employment with Hobby Lobby, where she works sixteen hours a week.

Melissa ranks in the top ten percent of her class with a GPA of 3.92. She’s accumulated a potential fifteen credits to be used towards her college career and has earned the Principal’s Honor Roll distinction throughout her time in high school.

When asked about her future career plans, Melissa lights up with enthusiasm. “I want to be a Neuropsychologist,” she laughs, “It’s been a long time coming.”

Her interest in the human brain spurred a desire to explore this incredibly complex field. But knowledge is power and Melissa’s penchant for preparedness has her entering Montclair State University’s fiveyear program that combines both Bachelor and Master’s degrees in General Psychology within the college of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Melissa looks forward to studying the human brain and applying her anticipated knowledge in the research field. “You discover how brain disorders effect people and provide consultations to patients. I really enjoy helping people so picking this career is the right choice for me,” she adds.

As for art, Melissa mentions that it will always be a hobby, something she’s deeply passionate about. “You just don’t forget everything you’ve learned from such great teachers.”

PCTI has truly impacted the incredible young woman Melissa has become. “I’ve evolved as a person by making friends and just getting involved.”

Her deeply caring nature will ensure success in the coming years. Congratulations Melissa!


  • Ranks in the top 10% of her class
  • Will graduate with a potential fifteen college credits & Adobe certification
  • Selected for Circle of Success, members of ERASE, Willpower for Girl Power, & is a Color Guard Captain
  • Employed by Hobby Lobby, works 16 hours a week
  • Goal: Graduate from Montclair State University’s five-year General Psychology program that combines a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Psychology, become a Neuropsychologist specializing in research

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