January Students of the Month

Anabel Martinez

Ever since she was young, Anabel Martinez has wanted to become a teacher. Attending PCTI didn’t disappoint as this Paterson local soon found her home in the School of Education & Human Services.

“My little brother had stuttering issues as a kid,” Anabel explains. This personal circumstance kindled her interest in education, and ultimately inspired the goal of becoming a Speech Pathologist.

Anabel is well on her way to achieving her dreams. This young woman has shown she has the initiative to make sure others are well-taken care of - a valuable skill, especially in her profession of choice.

It all started during Anabel’s sophomore year when she began working on her “Passion Project” for English. Titled “Be the Change,” the project grew from a concept into a fullfledged campaign which supplied the needy people of Paterson and Passaic with food and toiletries. Anabel’s outreach expanded to the Dominican Republic, where she gathered and donated school supplies to children. The initiative garnered her great acclaim and she was inducted into the Wayne AAUW Girls Hall of Fame during her junior year. She even received the Paterson Mayor’s Award for the same project.

Anabel’s has a penchant for doing her absolute best in all areas of her life. This extends to her academic career. She ranks in the top eight percent of her class with a GPA of 4.02. Such high marks have earned her a place on the Principal’s Honor roll for the past four years. She is a member of SkillsUSA, Future Educators of America, Ti@Ti, and the Sign Language Club. Anabel was selected for the National Honor Society and is a past Circle of Success Member. She has also competed and placed in SkillsUSA at the state and national levels! She even volunteers with Jersey Cares, Bethel Christian church, and works for both Wayne Head Start as an Assistant Teacher and with La Vida Child Care.

When asked how an education at PCTI has impacted her high school experience, Anabel responded, “Ambition can be learned. I realized what I was capable of when I took English Honors my sophomore year. From then on, I wanted to challenge myself.”

Anabel will pursue a Bachelor of Science and Masters n Communication Disorders and Speech Pathology. She’s keeping her options open and may even choose to someday go back to school for teaching.

Congratulations to this young woman with a heart of gold. Her passion is sure to change the world!


  • Ranks in the top 8% of his class
  • Will graduate with a potential twenty-six college credits
  • Selected for Circle of Success and National Honor Society
  • Inducted into Wayne AAUW Hall of Fame, recipient of Paterson Mayor’s Award
  • Member of SkillsUSA, Future Educators of America, Ti@Ti, & Sign Language Club
  • Volunteers with Jersey Cares & Bethel Christian Church; works with Wayne Head Start and La Vida Child Care
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with a BS and Masters in Communication Disorders and Speech Pathology; become a Speech Pathologist

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Himanshu Rana

Himanshu Rana is a young man from Passaic who champions the power of preparedness. This Bulldog is a proud member of the Academy of Information Technology where he studies Computer Science. The allure of this particular brand of education stems from Himanshu’s interest in computers. “I’m more of a logical and visual thinker, so web design is perfect for me.”

There’s a lot to be said about Himanshu’s educational perspective. His penchant for preparedness has seen him enrolled in honors and AP courses throughout his entire high school career. Even his Computer Science course is AP! This brilliant young man has the potential to graduate with eighteen college credits. He ranks in the top four percent of his class with a GPA of 4.19! Himanshu has also achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout all four years of high school.

It comes as no surprise that Himanshu is enticed by the prospect of a challenge. He actively seeks out learning opportunities for the sake of self-betterment, proving that the power of education is its own reward.

Additionally, this academically savvy Bulldog is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and serves as a class representative. Himanshu is also in ERASE and holds the position of Parliamentarian for the National History Club. While at PCTI, he has earned community service hours through volunteerism opportunities with Open House, the Special Olympics of New Jersey, and the Education Foundation’s 5K Run.

When not thoroughly absorbed in his studies, participation in clubs, or acts of volunteerism, Himanshu dabbles in travel and photography. The two go well together. He’s traveled up and down the east coast, from Maine to Florida, and enjoys learning Photoshop in his free time.

After graduation, Himanshu seeks to further his education in Computer Science and will work towards a Bachelor of Science degree. He’s also interested in exploring business courses and dreams of attending Stevens University. He will also be applying to Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology

When asked about the advice he had for students of the PCTI family, Himanshu said, “Don’t overload yourself with work. Make sure to strike a balance - find a club you look forward to and spend time with friends. A strong support network is key.”

Congratulations to this hardworking young man and best of luck in the future!


  • Ranked in the top 4% of his class
  • Will graduate with a potential 18 college credits
  • Member of FBLA, ERASE, & class representative
  • Enrolled in PCTI’s AP Computer Science program
  • Achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout all four years
  • Parliamentarian of the National History Club
  • Accumulated community service hours with participation in Open House, the Special Olympics of New Jersey, & the Education Foundation’s 5K Run
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science

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