November Students of the Month

Madeline Reina

Madeline Reina is a passionate young woman from Paterson who is driven by her desire to help others. This member of the School of Education and Human Services has always dreamed of working with children, which is unsurprising considering she comes from a very large family. Madeline has certainly found a home at PCTI where she continues to grow and develop into a courageous young woman.

“I was very lucky to meet instructors and fellow students who positively shaped my view of the world and myself,” Madeline says. She went on to cite how her sense of purpose grew throughout her four years of high school. “I became more assured in who I was, more comfortable in my confidence and embraced becoming a leader.”

Madeline is PCTI’s SkillsUSA President, a member of the World Language Honor Society, the History Club, ERASE, GSA, and the Environmental Club. She is a former Circle of Success honoree, an avid volunteer with Head Start as part of her program’s externship program and has pledged more than four hundred and sixty hours as an Assistant Volunteer Teacher at the Clifton Boys & Girls Club. Despite a busy schedule, Madeline maintains her spot on the Principal’s Honor Roll with a GPA of 4.2 and ranks 10th in the Class of 2016! She will graduate from PCTI with eleven credits toward her college career.

When asked about life after graduation, Madeline has it all figured out. “I want to continue working with children and become a Speech Pathologist and specialize on working with those who have Special Needs.”

Madeline elaborated (with much enthusiasm) that her passion for making a difference is deeply rooted in her spirituality. “Affecting the lives of others positively is what I’m meant to do. It makes me so happy.”

She’s chosen the right career. Madeline will pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and plans on opening her own practice in order to help children with Communication Disorders.

When questioned about the advice she has for future Bulldogs, Madeline offered this reply, “We get so many opportunities here and PCTI has a way of encouraging you to go beyond your perceived boundaries. As long as you take advantage of what our school has to offer, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!

Congratulations to this inspiring young woman on all her future success!

  • Ranked in the top 2% percent of her class
  • Will graduate with 11 college credits
  • CPR, Basic First Aid, & AED certified
  • PCTI SkillsUSA President
  • Member of WLHS, ERASE, GSA, & the Environmental Club
  • Volunteer at La Vida Child Care Center Too (externship)/Boys & Girls Club
  • Goal: Earn Masters degree in Speech Pathology, own/open own practice to help children with Communication Disorders

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Emma Tang

Emma Tang is a young woman from Hawthorne who transformed a hobby into her area of study. This member of the School of Applied Technology has always had an interest in architecture/drafting. All it took was a trip to Open House during 8th grade and she was hooked!

“That was a big moment for me. That’s when I knew I wanted to come to PCTI. Seeing each career laid out and represented was life changing,” Emma says. She’s even volunteered at the event responsible for her Bulldog status.

Cheerful and hardworking, Emma is known for her stellar grades and accomplishments. One of these exceptional feats includes being selected at each grade level for our student recognition programs: Freshmen Foundation for Success, Circle of Success, and senior Student of the Month. Recently, she was recognized as a Commended Student in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship program - one of 34,000 students to receive the honor in the US! The honor is well deserved. Emma ranks 6th in her class with a GPA of 4.3 and has accumulated sixteen college credits throughout her high school career.

She is actively involved in numerous clubs and volunteer organizations, including World Language Honor Society, ti@TI, Sound Chasers, National Honor Society, and the American Sign Language Club. Outside of school, she is a member of her church choir, youth band, and teaches Vacation Bible school. Emma is also known for acting as support staff at the Spruce Lake Summer Camp in Pennsylvania.

Though she’s quite enjoyed her time in the drafting field, Emma plans on switching gears after graduation. “I really enjoy working with others, especially children. I want to combine everything I’ve learned with ASL and pursue a career in Speech Pathology.”

Emma elaborated that collaborating with the deaf community and children is her ultimate goal. “Those are two areas I feel really strongly about,” she added.

When asked how her education at PCTI profoundly affected the person she has become today, Emma referenced her comfort in growing as a leader. “When I came here, I didn’t know anyone. PCTI gave me the opportunity to join clubs and get to know others and more importantly, myself. Everyone here has influenced who I am today.”

It takes a special amount of warmth and kindness to successfully deliver care to humans and animals alike. Melanie has the precise amount of drive and determination needed to make a difference in the world. If your accomplishments are any indication of your future, you’re bound to go far!

  • Ranked in the top 1% percent of her class
  • Will graduate with 16 college credits
  • Recognized as Commended Student, 2016 National Merit Scholarship
  • Member of WLHS, ti@TI, Sound Chasers, and ASL Club
  • Competed in SkillsUSA competition at the state level (Architectural Drafting
  • Goal: Graduate with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree, become a Speech Pathologist who incorporates ASL into her practice

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