May Students of the Month

Devin Bristow

Devin Bristow is an inventive member of the Academy of Information Technology whose greatest pleasure is making something do something. He explains, “While engineers build the robot, we provide the robot with codes and instructions for how it should perform.” This Paterson local is best known for his laser-like focus and his insatiable thirst for knowledge.

He’s been interested in Computer Science since the 8th grade. Selecting PCTI as his high school of choice has allowed him to delve deeper into his interests. To say that Devin makes the most of every opportunity would be an understatement. This young man has enrolled in seven AP classes in order to expand his knowledge and will graduate from PCTI with a potential fifteen to twenty college credits. He ranks in the top eight percent of his class with a GPA of 4.0 and is a three-year varsity letter athlete who has received more than fifty medals! Devin has been involved in Football, Varsity Track and Field, Cross Country, and a host of clubs, including FBLA, National History Club, Engineering Club, Environmental Club, and so much more. In his free time, he is the acting CEO of his own company - Bristow Corps. - which seeks to expand the range of what people can design, create, and learn.

Devin is no stranger to receiving awards for his service and academic excellence. Most notably, he had the distinct pleasure of being named a Bill Gates Millennium Scholar, making him one of one thousand students selected to receive this honor. The scholarship program will completely cover the cost of his college education.

Devin has been accepted to and will attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where he will pursue degrees in Computer Science/Mathematics with a minor in Psychology.

His ambition is to eventually receive a Master’s degree in Mathematics and PhD’s in Philosophy and Theology.

When asked how he plans on making an impact on the world in which he lives, Devin had this to say, “It’s important to be eager to learn, but a lot of the time, it takes great teachers to confront and fix problems. To be willing to foster change, you have to be part of the solution.” He continued, “Tech has been such a great experience for me. I want to pay it forward.”

Besides receiving a quality post-secondary education, Devin will pursue mission work and will one day work towards receiving licensure as a Pastor/Reverend.


  • Ranked in the top 8% of his class
  • Earned a potential 15-20 college credits
  • Selected as Bill Gates Millennium Scholar
  • Involved in Football, Varsity Track/Field, Cross Country, FBLA, National History Club, Engineering Club, Environmental Club, etc.
  • Prior Circle of Success member
  • Goal: Graduate from Pepperdine University with degrees in Computer Science/Math- ematics, receive Master’s degree in Mathematics, and PhD’s in Philosophy/ Theology; become a missionary, eventu- ally becoming a Pastor/Reverend

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Richer Mendiola

Richer Mendiola is a young man of Paterson who prides himself on discovering the interconnectivity of events in life. He was influenced to become a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice due to his interest in police work. “The world needs more people who will work out problems and find a way to help,” Richer says. His desire to assist others is matched by his willingness to learn. Everything else simply fell into place.

He is actively involved in numerous clubs and activities at PCTI, including NJROTC, the Boys Swim team, ERASE, and the National Honor Society. Richer’s high marks earned him the honor of being previously selected as a Circle of Success member. It’s no wonder this eager Bulldog ranks in the top five percent of his class with a GPA of 4.08! He’s even accumulated a potential twelve college credits to be put toward his postsecondary education. Additionally, Richer has earned certifications in FEMA, Telecommunications, First Aid, as a Life Guard, and an Emergency Medical Responder.

While not participating in clubs or tending to his studies, Richer can be found working as a sales representative with Fun Creation Studios and as a seasonal lifeguard with the Paterson Division of Recreation.

This young man is bound for college and will be pursuing an education at the University of New Haven. “My goal is get a Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies, with a focus on security threats and international affairs.”

Richer is surely putting his education from PCTI to good use. Other plans include improving his knowledge in finances and computer science, and possibly blending his interest of psychology with his future schooling. He eventually hopes to become a Federal Agent and work for the CIA.

When asked how high school has shaped the person he is today, Richer says, “I met a lot of good people who influenced me to take risks and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I owe a lot to them, they really helped me grow.”

He continued, “The only way you find out what you’re capable of is to force yourself to do things that people aren’t necessarily willing to do. You don’t stop and that’s how you get better.”

Richer’s self-discipline is the key to a successful future. Coupled with his enthusiasm of helping others and the desire to make a real difference, this young man is surely going places!


  • Ranked in the top 5% of his class
  • Earned a potential 12 college credits
  • Involved in NJROTC, Boys Swim team, & ERASE; selected for NHS
  • Circle of Success member
  • Sales Representative for Fun Creation Studios, as well as seasonal Life Guard
  • Certifications include FEMA, Telecommu- nications, First Aid, Lifeguard, and EMS
  • Goal: Graduate from the University of New Haven with a Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies; become a Federal Agent working for the CIA

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