March Students of the Month

Manisha Bhattacharjee

Manisha Bhattacharjee is a young woman from Hawthorne who decided to select an area of study that genuinely intrigued her. She chose the Academy of Criminal Justice for her love of poli- tics, the legal system, and laws.

“It was definitely a change of pace from what I’m used to.” Manisha went on to explain that she was originally going to enter high school as a member of the Academy of Medical Arts. “I wanted to try something different though and I’m glad I did.”

It’s all about branching out and exploring new horizons. Manisha elaborates that, as a freshman, she was reserved and timid. Her time at PCTI, however, changed all that.

“I really feel like I came into who I am as a person. I found myself.”

Manisha ranks in the top seven percent of her class with a GPA of 4.02. She has received five FEMA certifications and is CPR certified. In addition, she has been involved in Girls Tennis and SkillsUSA and was selected as a member of the World Language Honor Society!

Growth has always been paramount to the development to Manisha’s character. She has embraced job shadowing opportunities with PCTI security guards and pharmacists at Walgreens. Ad- ditionally, this talented Bulldog is trilingual and speaks English, Bengali, and Hindi fluently.

Volunteerism is just as important as her studies. Manisha speaks warmly of her time at Van Dyk Health Care, an assisted living facility in Hawthorne. “Connecting with the elderly has been an impactful experience. Just speaking with some- one makes such a difference in their day.” During the summer, she works twenty four hours a week.

Manisha is also very involved in her religious practice. She often prepares food for pujas which feeds more than forty people!

When it comes to continuing her studies after graduation, Manisha is deciding between two options. “I’m either going to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy or study Pediatric Neuroscience.” Both areas require dedication, determination, and men- tal fortitude, traits that she definitely possesses!

Manisha has some great advice to offer her fellow Bulldogs. “I used to worry a lot, but now I know that things will be fine no matter what. Always think of the bigger picture and learn to adapt to whatever happens in life.”

Her willingness to embrace the unknown truly makes Manisha one of a kind. Congratulations to this well deserving young woman. You’re bound to accomplish great things!

  • Ranked in the top 7% of her class
  • Achieved great academic standing with a GPA of 4.02
  • Has earned a potential 12 college credits
  • Selected for of WLHS
  • Earned 5 FEMA certifications, CPR certified
  • Volunteers at Van Dyk Health Care, an assisted living facility
  • Involved in religious practice, prepares food for pujas
  • Goal: Earn a Doctor of Pharmacy or study Neuroscience, with a focus on Pediatrics

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Olivia N. Polzer

Olivia Polzer is a young woman who takes great pleasure in helping others. In fact, this North Haledon local says that’s precisely why she enrolled in PCTI’s School of Cosmetology. “I really enjoy brightening someone’s day and making them feel better about themselves.”

It’s her penchant for connecting with others that has allowed Olivia to hone her craft. This eager Bulldog has earned her Cosmetology Permit and is working towards full licensure. She even works five days a week at the Nino Tollis Salon. “I’ve been there since October and assist with a lot of procedures. Recently, I’ve been requested by clients for coloring and that’s a great feeling.”

Olivia is known for giving her all in every aspect of her life. In regard to her studies, she ranks in the top 6% of her class with a GPA of 4.04. She has achieved Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll due to her numerous honors courses and was selected as a World Language Honor Society member. Olivia has garnered a potential twelve college credits and has also been involved in the Astronomy Club, Environmental Club, Sign Language Club, and FBLA.

She is also active in volunteerism. Olivia is extremely involved in the Hawthorne Gospel Church. She has gone on mission trips to both Philadelphia and Bolivia where she has thrown block parties for children and renovated and repaired an orphanage.

When asked about her life after high school, Olivia says she was inspired by her program at PCTI. “In Cosmetology, we learned about nail and skin issues. I found it really interesting and decided I want to become a Dermatologist.”

She has been accepted into and will be attending Ramapo College. Olivia will study Biology and will later pursue a Medical Degree.

When asked about a lesson she’s learned during her high school career, Olivia stressed the importance of putting oneself out there and taking advantage of opportunities.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself, especially through community service. It gave me a sense of independence and strengthened my leadership skills. I also got to make a real difference in the lives of others, which is very fulfilling.”

Olivia is thankful for all her friends and teachers at PCTI who have helped her go above and beyond in receiving a quality education. In fact, she has some advice for all aspiring future Bulldogs. “Just go for it. Try anything and don’t be afraid to ask help.”

Congratulations Olivia and best of luck in the future!

  • Ranked in the top 6% of her class
  • Achieved great academic standing with a GPA of 4.04
  • Accumulated a potential 12 college credits
  • Achieved Honor Roll/Principal’s Honor Roll
  • Selected for World Language Honor Society
  • Volunteers at her local church, partici- pates in missions
  • Goal: Graduate from Ramapo College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, pursue a Medical Degree, become a Dermatologist

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