December Students of the Month

Ariana Soriano

Ariana Soriano is a talented young woman from the the Academy of Information Technology who studies Computer Repair. When asked what drew her to the program, she heralded the whim of practicality and her interests at the time. “I was always having issues with my computer and I wanted to learn to correct it myself. There’s always been a demand to fix booming technology.”

Many people will recognize Ariana by her role in the AP History videos at patriotic assemblies and as Co-Captain of PCTI’s drumline in which she plays snare, but not everyone knows that this Bulldog is ranked 7th in her class with a GPA of 4.29. An array of AP coursework has earned Ariana the right to claim twenty-seven college credits when she graduates. In addition to her stellar academics, she is also a member of the Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and was selected for the Tri-M Music Honor Society and Girls State.

Experiencing so many unique opportunities has given Ariana the privilege of getting to know herself. “I’ve grown a lot since I came here as a freshman and I’ve met people who humbled me. I also discovered what I want to do with my life after I graduate.”

She is, of course, referring to her flair for the creative. In her spare time, Ariana can be found writing poetry, taking photographs, and drawing. It’s no wonder she wants to use her voice and unique outlook of the world to become a high school English teacher.

“I believe English teachers have a profound influence over the lives of their students. It’s their responsibility to make sure we grow socially and embrace self-expression.”

Ariana will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English and plans on one day receiving her Master’s degree in Secondary Education.

When questioned about her life philosophy, she was quite candid, “Work smarter, not harder. Be open to whatever experiences come your way and take the world as it comes. Be adventurous and hope for the best.”

Those are wise words from a well-spoken young woman. She has truly found her voice as a member of the PCTI family. Congratulations Ariana on being recognized for all your hard work. We know you’ll continue to succeed in the world after high school and will go on to impact many young minds along the way.

Congratulations to this inspiring young woman on all her future success!

  • Ranked in the top 1% of her class
  • Consistently earned a GPA topping 4.0
  • Accrued 27 college credits from AP classes
  • Co-Captain of PCTI’s drumline
  • Member of Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Tri-M Music Honor Society
  • Selected for NJ Girls State
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with a BA in English, pursue a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, become a high school English teacher

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Tatyana Williams

TaTyana Williams is a young woman from Paterson who lives and breathes the tenants of passion. As a member of the School of Performing Arts Dance program, it’s exceedingly important that she communicate an array of emotions using body language. With much practice, TaTyana is well on her way to mastering her craft. She’s been dancing since she was three years old and at the age of eight, knew that she wanted to perform.

“I’ll never forget when I got my first solo at the dance company,” TaTyana says, “It gave me the biggest confidence boost!”

Dance is heavily integrated into her life. TaTyana performs in PCTI’s school productions and was featured in seven numbers of this year’s show, “Dancing Off the Pages.” Outside of school, she is a member of the 5-6-7-8 Dance company, spends 10-16 hours a week practicing and has, on occasion, acted as an assistant teacher.

Within the halls of PCTI, TaTyana embraced a courseload that includes honors classes, which has pushed her GPA to 3.89, placing her in the top 10% of the Class of 2016! Throughout her high school career, she has received recognitions, including induction into the National Honors Society for Dance Arts, being selected for Circle of Success, as well as receiving the Beverly Miller Scholarship, the Governor’s Award for Artistic Excellence in Dance (one of two students in NJ to receive this honor), and the Chance for Dance Scholarship.

In the future, TaTyana hopes to become a professional dancer with a company, eventually training to become a choreographer. She is applying to Pace, AMDA, the University of the Arts, Rutgers, and Montclair State University. Her plans are to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, to earn Masters’ degree in Dance and Business, and to eventually open up her own studio.

When asked how she’s grown since coming to PCTI as a freshman, TaTyana says, “The friendships I’ve built with everyone in my program during the last four years has allowed me to become the dancer I am today. I have so much more confidence knowing that we all support one another in every possible way.”

Her one-of-a-kind passion permeates through every action. From dancing on stage to her ambition in her future career, TaTyana will impact the world in positive ways. Congratulations to this ambitious Bulldog!

  • Ranked in the top 10% of her class
  • Performs in many PCTI dance functions
  • Member of National Honors Society for Dance Arts & Circle of Success
  • Received Beverly Miller Scholarship, Governor's Award for Artistic Excellence in Dance, & Chance for Dance Scholarship
  • Student of 5-6-7-8 Dance, practices 5x a week, assists in teaching
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with a BFA in Dance, pursue Masters’ degrees in Dance/Business, open up her own studio

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