Announcing the Educators of the Year!

PCTI has unveiled their Educators of the Year for 2016. The honor goes to Kebra Rettenberg, Teacher of the Year, and Stacey Pinto, Educational Specialist of the Year.

Kebra Rettenberg is a Special Education Instructor who has served as an English Language Arts Instructor and a Resource/In-Class Support Instructor for grades 9-12. She has been a part of the PCTI family since 2002 and states that she has a passion to make a real difference in the lives of her students. She holds Masters Degrees in Special Education and Educational Leadership, and has completed a Teacher Leadership Program at Seton Hall University in 2011.

This exemplary instructor demonstrates her pursuit of best practices in the classroom. During her fourteen year tenure, Kebra has been a productive and valuable member of the PCTI community. Her philosophy is best attributed to a quote by Christa McAuliffe, “I touch the future. I teach.” Kebra is consistently seeking out ways to hone, develop, and enhance her craft. What’s more, she makes a point to create innovative and creative lessons that inspire her students.

“Stacey Pinto began her career at PCTI as a Basic Skills Instructor. In 1994 she became a School Counselor who is responsible for assisting students with their academic successes, scheduling, college applications, parent/teacher concerns, and providing both social and emotional support. Stacey has a masters of Arts Degree in School Counseling and a Supervisory Certification from Montclair State University.

Throughout the years, she has been involved in multiple facets of testing and is the current SAT Test Site Supervisor. Stacey was also a Teen Pep Advisor and a Class Advisor for sixteen years.

She prides herself on being flexible, compassionate, patient, and sensitive when it comes to addressing the diverse needs of her students. Her greatest goal is to help students understand how to advocate for themselves in order to succeed.

Congratulations to both instructors on their accomplishments and being recognized as PCTI’s Educators of the Year!