March Student of the Month 2014

Hawthorne resident Dominic Sylvester is a young man whose individuality sets him apart from others. Creativity, passion, and ambition are his signature tools of the trade. This member of the School of Communication Arts greets every day with a bright personality and wonder for the world around him.


These traits allow Dominic to find success in the graphic arts field and beyond. It takes a certain vision to embrace the road of optimism in life. Dominic has achieved a great academic standing. He is ranked in the top seventeen percent of his class and has worked hard for a 3.6 GPA. Dominic’s academic success has ensured he received honors for nearly his entire time at PCTI!


When asked why he chose to follow a career in the Graphic Arts, Dominic replied, “I enjoy the act of being creative, of incorporating deep meaning into all my work. It’s fascinating to see companies accomplish this and more through design projects.”


Dominic added that he enjoys a host of creative endeavors. In the classroom, he is fond of photography and typography. His favorite project while at PCTI was when he created a chimera— a creature made of two or more animals. His project combined a hippo and a hawk.


Dominic’s creative savvy isn’t limited to the graphic arts. He has written a story that spans forty-seven pages and he’s already developing a concept for his second endeavor. He is brimming with stories to tell and has the drive to make sure they are heard.


 Dedication is a powerful tool in Dominic’s personal arsenal. He is committed to PCTI’s Golf team and currently serves as the Captain. Before the golf season picked up, Dominic held two jobs: one at Abma’s Farm (Wykoff) and another at Signs by Tomorrow (Hawthorne). At the latter, he perfected his graphic design skills for use throughout the community.


It is Dominic’s dream to work for Blizzard Entertainment creating design features and becoming a lore writer for video games. He has been accepted to Montclair State University where he will pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Later, he hopes to receive a Masters in Graphic Design.


When asked about advice for others, Dominic referred to his favorite quote, “Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them!”


Congratulations to this deserving young man. May your dreams and ambition ensure many future successes!


  • Ranked in the top 17% of his class
  • Achieved great academic standing with a GPA of 3.6
  • Golf team member throughout PCTI career, currently serves as team Captain
  • Held two jobs at Abma’s Farm and Signs by Tomorrow
  • Volunteers as a part-time Soccer Coach
  • Goal: Graduate from Montclair State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, pursue a Masters in Graphic Design, work in the video game industry