PCTI Takes on MSG Varsity’s “the Challenge”

Students of Passaic County Institute’s (PCTI) Gifted & Talented program received the unique opportunity to compete in MSG Varsity’s “the Challenge” – a game show on the Cablevision network which invites schools across the US to go head-to-head in a knowledge-based competition. The show’s format revolves around a series of trivia questions which range subjects that include Mathematics, Science, History, English, and so much more.

Forty Bulldogs fans joined the PCTI representatives at the recording studio. Cheerleaders rallied their pom poms in anticipation, encouraging spirit and a great competition by all those involved. Even Spike, the school’s Bulldog mascot, was in attendance!

Check out MSG Varsity on Cablevision (channel 14 & 614) to see PCTI’s Bulldogs square-off against J.P. Stevens on Thursday, November 29th!

Photo Caption: PCTI Counselor Betty Schulte, with Peter Kelly, Erick Pinos, Bryan Kiel, Meet Patel, Juan Chavarria (alternate), and Ankit Rana (alternate) gather with MSG Varsity Host Jared Cotter.