October Student of the Month

Ana is a bright young woman who considers compassion among her greatest assets. Hailing from Paterson, she has found her niche as part of PCTI’s School of Education & Human Services. Here, Ana is free to follow her passion for teach- ing and kindle her love of both human services and psychology.

She cultivates an array of interests. Ana is a soccer player. She’s been involved in the sport since age five and was selected for PCTI’s Girls Varsity Soccer team as a freshman. When it comes to her favorite subject, Ana admits that History holds a special place in her heart. She’s fascinated when it comes to learning about different cultures and the changing times. Stellar grades in honors courses have earned her Principal’s Honor Roll, admission into Gifted and Talented, the invitation to join Teen PEP, as well as membership to PCTI’s National Honor Society. Ana will eventually ac- cumulate an astounding 23 college credits.

When she’s not spending time with friends or taking part in clubs, Ana can be found volun- teering at a local religious center. Since her fresh- man year, she has taken on a leadership role with middle school students at the Covenant Christian Reform Church. It is here that Ana organizes both lessons and game-time for students.

In the near future, Ana will be exploring a CO-OP opportunity with St. Joseph’s Hospital. She will be working in the Day Care Center from November until June. The experience is sure to prepare Ana for her future plans.

After high school, Ana will attend college and double majoring in both Anthropology and Education. She is applying to Wheaton College, Gordon College, and Eastern University.

Once she’s received her degrees, Ana will perform Missionary Work, traveling abroad to help others all over the world. Ideally, she would like to be stationed in Central America or the Philippines.

When asked about the most valuable lesson she’s learned while at PCTI, Ana said, “Since coming here, I’ve become more sure of myself. I know what I believe and have really found out who I am.”

Congratulations, Ana! Your determination and passion for life are sure to help you succeed!

  • Ranked in the top two percent of her class
  • Selected for Gifted and Talented and National Honor Society
  • Girls Varsity Soccer member for 4 years
  • Will earn 23 college credits by graduation
  • Selected as a member of Teen PEP
  • Volunteers at Covenant Christian Reform Church
  • Participating in a CO-OP with St. j30eph’s Hospital in Paterson
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with a double major in Anthropology and Education; become a missionary