Introducing PCTI’s Newest Teacher of the Year!

Maureen Wacha is an English teacher whose eagerness for making a difference has earned her PCTI’s Teacher of the Year Award! As a student at Passaic County Technical Institute, Maureen discovered her passion for writing and literature.

During her freshman year at PCTI, she received the opportunity to develop her talents when she gained acceptance into Montclair State University’s Summer Program: The New Jersey School of the Arts Writing. “I knew that my choice of career had to be something that I enjoyed. It had to be something I was passionate about and it had to be something that had an impact on the world in a positive way,” Maureen said.

Her thirst for learning led her down the path of teaching. Maureen graduated from the Education Department at Montclair State University. After spending ten years working at a paper company in Paterson, Maureen returned to PCTI as an English Instructor in 2003. In addition to teaching English, she has broadened her horizons by joining the TV Production program as a Broadcast Journalism teacher. She is continuing her professional development by pursuing a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at Caldwell College.

Maureen is an excellent teacher and a fantastic colleague.  Her peers value her as a source of mentoring. She serves her contemporaries well and is an example of professionalism.

Maureen Wacha’s experiences at PCTI continue to inspire her students, who enjoy great successes; her students receive valuable scholarships and have won national and local competitions. On this, Maureen said, “These achievements have enriched my life. I am committed to providing students with the education they need to be successful in today’s global society.”

Congratulations to Maureen Wacha a dedicated teacher, colleague and friend:  PCTI’s Teacher of the Year for 2013-2014!