The Top Students of 2012

PCTI proudly introduces the top two students of 2012: Fariha Choudhury & Karolina Furdyna!

Fariha Choudhury:
As a student of the Academy of Medical Arts, Fariha Choudhury has a passion for helping others. Leadership comes naturally. It’s no wonder she’s PCTI’s Valedictorian!

Fariha is a proud member of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) who was given the opportunity to compete in Medical Math and Dental Assisting. During her freshman year, she made it to the national level in Anaheim, California.

She is in PCTI’s Gifted and Talented Program and became a Class of 2012 representative in order to take an active role in organizing class events. She is also involved in Student Council/Interact and the National Honor Society, effectively serving others throughout her community. Being a member of SLICE and Teen PEP allowed her to develop precious leadership skills. Fariha also has a record of volunteering at PCTI’s Annual Blood Drive, as well as at local hospitals. She also tutors children at the Clifton Library.

Fariha’s love of biology and chemistry has led her to pursue an education at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University. She plans to obtain a Pharmacy degree in six years. Her dream is to become a Pharmacist to help relieve people of their ailments.

Karolina Furdyna:
Karolina Furdyna is driven by the need to fulfill a broad range of interests. She’s always said “yes” to clubs, activities, and a rigorous workload. With an attitude of forever meeting life’s challenges, Karolina has succeeded in becoming PCTI’s Salutatorian!

She is more than a member of the Academy of Information Technology. Karolina is in the Gifted and Talented Program, the Environmental Club, and Literary Society. She is even the secretary of the GSA!

Karolina says the greatest lesson she’s ever learned is that there’s no right or wrong way to find a problem’s solution. At times, creativity is the best answer. Her philosophy was realized while taking Honors and AP classes (focusing on math and science). Karolina also works in PCTI’s Technology Department as a Co-Op student. She even helped out with PCTI’s new website.

Karolina looks forward to attending Stevens Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Physics. She aspires to earn a B.S. degree and to graduate with a job offer. Other future plans include working toward a Masters and Ph.D., becoming fluent in Spanish, and making strides for women in the Technology field.


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