Freshman Qualifies for Mathematic “Olympiad” Opportunity

Freshman Alexander Katz has a lot to cheer about. For one, he was accepted to Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI) and is pursuing an education in the School of Engineering.  Another reason would be qualifying to take the 41st USA Mathematical Olympiad (USA(J)MO).

Qualifying to compete is a tremendous feat. Earning a competing position is determined by achieving high scores on the AMC 10/12 & AIME. Approximately 500 students were chosen to take the exam out of 12,000 American Invitational Mathematics Examination participants.

The event is run by the Mathematical Association of America and will take place over the course of two days.  Participants are required to solve a series of internet equations using pre-calculus methods. The program’s goal is to provide a means of identifying and encouraging the most creative secondary mathematics students in the country, and to pursue mathematical talents who may one day become leaders in the mathematical sciences.

Congratulations to Alexander Katz for achieving this impressive honor!