February Student of the Month 2012

Jhon Guzarem has a long history of tinkering with objects to figure out precisely how they work. Hailing from the Philippines and now living in Paterson, this young man comes from a long line of engineers. It’s no wonder he’s chosen PCTI’s School of Engineering to get a jump start on his future!

The fascination of taking things apart, only to put them back together again started at a very young age. It takes a keen eye to examine the mechanics of objects. In turn, Jhon puts his observations to good use. His goal is not only to pave a future using technology, but to help others. His caring nature can be seen in his volunteering with the Little Sisters of the Poor where he entertained and cooked for the elders. On his service, Jhon had this to say, “It was nice to improve the lives of others and to see them smile.”

Jhon also has a secret talent. He’s an artist. The hobby has been with him since the beginning and Jhon says that whenever he gets the chance, he can be found flexing his artistic muscles through painting and drawing scenes found in nature. He is also quite fond of basketball and soccer, which he plays outside of school. 

On the academic front, Jhon has achieved Principal’s Honor Role throughout his history at PCTI, he was a member of the Circle of Success, and has earned twenty seven college credits. He’s even taken three years of Japanese.

When asked about his future, Jhon has it all planned out. He has applied to MIT and NJIT and is looking forward to becoming an Astronautical Engineer. His field of choice focuses on the dynamic advancing of cutting-edge science and space technology. The prerequisites for his career of choice include attaining Masters’ Degrees in Electrical, Mechanical, and Astronautical Engineering. With avid curiosity bent on pioneering and exploration, there’s no doubt that Jhon will achieve his goals! 

There is, however, some advice that Jhon would like to leave to all future Bulldogs. "If you apply yourself, you can achieve everything. It's really worth the effort. Bring what you love to other areas of your life and you’ll succeed!" 
Truer words have never been spoken. Congratulations, Jhon and good luck in all your future endeavors!


  • Ranked in the top percent of his class
  • Achieved Principal’s Honor Roll
  • Was selected for the Circle of Success
  • Took three years of Japanese
  • Will graduate with 27 college credits
  • Volunteers at Little Sisters of the Poor in Totowa, entertaining the elderly and preparing food
  • Hobbies include soccer, basketball, & fine art
  • Goal: Graduate from a University with degrees in Electrical, Mechanical, and Astronautical Engineering