April Student of the Month 2012

Didar Ali is a Paterson local whose niche lies in using his mind as the ultimate computer. Every situation he encounters offers a problem to be solved. Perhaps that’s why Didar found himself drawn to the Academy of Information Technology. Focusing on Computer Repair, he chose PCTI for all the afforded opportunities, extracurricular and otherwise.

“Tech is the best choice for academics and activities. The teachers and students are phenomenal here.” Didar explains that he has taken both honors and AP courses, his favorites being Physics and Calculus. Besides being mathematically inclined, Didar is getting a jump start on his career of choice: Computer Engineering. He’s already accumulated 12 college credits, which is enough to account for a semester at any university.

Didar says that PCTI inspired him to develop a harder work ethic. Through the NJROTC program, he learned the value of discipline and time regulation. He is on the Chess Team, is a Varsity Tennis player, has participated in Boys State, and volunteers during his free time. When not in school, Didar can be found helping out as his local library. This includes tutoring young children in math and cataloguing books. In the summertime he works at a nearby nursing center.

Amidst a busy schedule, Didar remains dedicated to his schoolwork. He ranks in the top 3% of his class and vows that he will never stop learning, saying, “I’m curious. I want to understand everything. I don’t think I’ll ever stop asking questions.”

Didar’s inquisitive nature has reaped extensive amounts of knowledge in not only mathematics, but also robotics, & history. Though his interests are varied, Didar mentions that there’s something they all share in common. “I’ve always been big on strategy. Wrapping my mind around patterns allows me to think three steps ahead. Everything is a learning experience.”

Future plans for this bright Bulldog include earning a BA in Computer Engineering. Later in life, Didar hopes to own his very own company (similar to Steve Jobs & Bill Gates).

As parting words, Didar offers some spectacular advice. “You’re in good hands at Tech. It’s the place to be. Try your hardest and you’ll get what you put into your time here.”

Wise words from a wise young man. Congratulations Didar! Your enthusiasm and thirst for life are sure to pave the way to success!

  • Ranked in the top 3% of his class
  • Involved in the NJROTC, on the Chess Team, a Varsity Tennis member
  • Selected for Boys State
  • Earned 12 college credits
  • Achieved Principal's Honor Roll
  • Accepted to the New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Goal: Earn a BA in Computer Engineering and own his own company


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