Accessing Your PCTI Alumni Account

Starting with the Class of 2019, PCTI alumni will be able to access their Google accounts after graduation under the domain. With this account, you can continue to access your PCTI email, the files and folders in your PCTI Google Drive, and other data and apps hosted in Google’s cloud platform.

Please note that certain services, such as Office 365, may not be accessible after graduation. To log in and set up your PCTI alumni account, please follow the following steps:

Go to and click on Login.

Enter your new username: . (Please refer to the example username in the image below.)

This will bring you to the PCTI One Connect page.

Enter your username again. This will only happen the first time you log in on a new browser.

Enter your password.

After entering your password, you will receive the message displayed below. Click Next.

Follow the instructions on-screen to enable self-service password reset. You must set up at least one of these. After setup is done, click Finish.

Click either Yes or No here. Clicking Yes will keep you signed in longer.

You are now logged into your PCTI Alumni account!