High School Equivalency Testing Center

The Testing Center

PCTVS offers High School Equivalency Tests provided by ETS-HiSET. During the school year, tests are given once a month on two Saturdays a month. We also offer the same Saturday testing hours in the months of July and August. The High School Equivalency Testing Center at PCTVS is wheelchair accessible with provisions for Special Accommodations for individuals with learning and/or physical disabilities. For any questions in regards to the testing facility, please contact Nick Link at

Registration process:

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Step 2

Please note: If you are 16/17 years of age, you must contact the Chief Examiner to schedule an appointment for you and your parent to sign a consent form acknowledging that you are no longer registered in a high school and that you are taking the HiSET test instead of completing High School.


For detailed information on requirements visit or see list below.


For detailed information on accommodations visit:

Scoring System Details


Additional information about preparation can be found at


Please contact Customer Service at HiSET via phone (1-855-MyHiSET  1-855-694-4738) or via email.

Testing Schedule

Date Starting Time
January 4, 2020: 9am-1pm
January 11, 2020: 9am-1pm
January 18, 2020: 11am-1pm
February 1, 2020: 9am-1pm
February 8, 2020: 9am-1pm
February 29, 2020: 9am-3pm
March 7, 2020: 9am-3pm
April 4, 2020: 9am-1pm
April 18, 2020: 9am-3pm

New Jersey HiSET® Requirements

The following policies apply to anyone taking the HiSET® exam in the state of New Jersey. When you schedule an appointment, you will need to confirm that you have read and understand these policies.

See the New Jersey Adult Education website for more information.

State Eligibility Requirements

To take the HiSET exam in the state of New Jersey, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: