PCTI Freshman Performing Arts/Vocal Student Stars on NBC’s The Voice

When Hailey Mia sings, her soul opens, and a gorgeous sound reveals itself. She’s harmonious, has incredible range, and is absolutely fearless, and anyone who tuned into Monday night’s episode of NBC’s The Voice knows why.

The 14-year-old PCTI Freshman Performing Arts/Vocal student from Clifton, NJ, put her tremendous talent to the test when she competed in The Voice’s Blind Audition episode where she had the chance sing and possibly be selected by music industry powerhouses Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, or Ariana Grande for a chance to be coached throughout the season.

With their chairs and backs to the stage, the four judges sat patiently waiting for the blind audition to start – the show’s selection process revolves around anonymous singers whom the judges cannot see during their audition, hence “blind audition.”

As Hailey Mia began to sing Tate McRae’s “You Broke Me First,” the judges waited to see what kind of range she had. Before the song had ended, both Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande hit their buzzers, turning their chairs towards the stage, ensuring Hailey Mia a chance to compete against other hopefuls on the show.

Both superstars were blown away when Hailey Mia revealed, “I’ve been waiting ‘till I turned 13 to be on this show. And I’m so so honored to be here.”

Kelly Clarkson was astonished, replying, “Holy moly! To be this young, and have that kind of gift, job well done.” 

Ariana Grande added, “I think you’re a phenomenal singer. And I could tell that you were young, but I didn’t think this young.”

Hailey’s moment of truth came shortly after she chose Ariana Grande and secured her spot on #TeamAriana and solidified her chances to become Season 21 Winner of NBC’s The Voice.

After several weeks of incredible singing and competing against other extraordinary hopefuls, an unexpected twist occurred when Hailey Mia sang in a head-to-head competition and Kelly Clarkson stole her away from Arianna Grande – so now its “Go #teamkelly!”

The PCTVS Bulldog Family extends our sincerest congratulations to Hailey Mia and looks forward to cheering her on throughout her incredible journey on NBC’s The Voice.

We are so very proud!! Go Hailey Mia!

Hailey Mia in ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Episode 3 | Tyler Golden/NBC