April Students of the Month

Divanni Gomez

Divanni Gomez is a young woman from Paterson who was drawn to her career area for practicality’s sake. This intellectually ambitious young woman is a proud member of the Academy of Finance. “I knew there would be the opportunity to grow my career and now, I really enjoy accounting.”

It’s all about calculation. Divanni’s interest stems from understanding how businesses work, their revenue, and interpreting data. “Every business needs an accountant,” she adds.

Her favorite subjects include science, biology, and even English. This academically advantageous young woman has elected to take both honors and AP courses, earning a potential twenty-eight college credits! She ranks in the top two percent of her class with a GPA of 4.34! Divanni has also achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout all four years at PCTI.

She is the FBLA President, a member of LEAP, and was selected for both National Honor Society and the World Language Honor Society. Outside of school, Divanni volunteers at her local church as a Catechist - or someone who teaches children about the sacraments. She also spends time at the library reading books to children and enriches their lives with arts and crafts.

In the future, Divanni looks forward to pursuing majors in Accounting and Business Analytics. She has already been accepted into Rutgers New Brunswick, Florida International University, and the University of Florida. Divanni looks forward to receiving her CPA and seeing where her education takes her.

“Public Accounting has the ability to take you anywhere. I want to see more of the world and work with businesses in countries that have real financial activity.” One day, she will earn her MBA.

When asked what she values most about PCTI, Divanni explained, “I love our huge campus and the diversity. Meeting a lot of people every day allowed me to network with others - which I really enjoy. It’s especially important in business and accounting.” Divanni went on to mention how she’s grown during her high school career. “I’ve really come to understand the value of education. Joining clubs has pushed me to strive for leadership positions, which allowed me to become more extroverted.”

Congratulations Divanni, your academic savvy and pragmatic approach to life will ensure a future rich with success!


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Megan Polzer

Megan Polzer is a young woman from North Haledon who decided to combine all her interests into one area of study. “I didn’t know which program was right for me initially. Then I realized that Education cover everything from cooking and music, to learning with students.” It sounds like she found a true home as a member of the School of Education and Human Services!

Experience is the best teacher - a lesson Megan quickly learned. She reflects on her time as Co-Op student with Jenn’s Junction, saying “Getting real-life daycare experience as an Assistant Teacher has allowed me to learn about the day-to-day responsibilities in the field. I’m also interested in the business side of things.” Megan elaborates that she sees herself as a future business owner, a career path that requires dedication and impeccable time management skills - two qualities with which she’s well acquainted.

She’s managed to strike a delicate balance between sports, activities, and academics. During her time at PCTI, Megan has played softball, basketball, and volleyball. She’s both a Class Representative and Future Educators Association member and has been selected for Freshmen Foundation for Success, Gifted & Talented, and National Honor Society. Megan has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout her entire high school career. Enrolling in numerous AP and honors courses has secured her place among the top two percent of the Class of 2018 with an astounding GPA of 4.37! She has the potential to graduate with thirteen college credits and, as part of her program, is both CPR and First Aid certified.

Megan’s volunteer efforts include one hundred hours of service with Head Start, as well as donating her time and talents to lending a hand at the Hawthorne Gospel Church.

Future ambitions for this exemplary Bulldog include aspirations in the world of business. “I want to pursue a Bachelor and Master’s degree in either Business Operations or Economics,” she adds.

Megan has been accepted to the University of Tampa, the University of Scranton, and The College of New Jersey.

On her time at PCTI, Megan says, “I’m glad that I explored my interest of education while in high school. I’m looking forward to learning about business in college. Having the opportunity to get a jump start on a potential career is unique to our high school.”

Congratulations, Megan! Best of luck in the future!


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